Exercises for men for the power: if it is possible to help

It is considered as if it were a reduction of libido and erectile dysfunction are inherent only to the people of the third age. This is a great deception.

Similar to the state of the organism, until the end of the impotence, are detected and the youth. The number of people under 35 years of age, who suffer from one form or another of impotence, in the last few years is growing rapidly.

exercises of power

The solution to this problem is seen in the use of special preparations and, of course, in special gymnastics for the increase of the power. But what are the exercises and how to perform correctly? Try to understand.

What are the causes of the reduction of sexual potency in men

In all cases, in the framework of the mechanism of development of erectile dysfunction is to blame the decrease of the concentration of the male sex hormone is testosterone. Among the direct causes of the loss:

• Physical exhaustion. The first and more common. All the systems of the body are in a state of imbalance, the amount of testosterone drops quickly. However, it is observed a decrease of the power.

• Reception of some medicines. Substantially "beat" of gender-the system of neuroleptics (antipsychotics), sedatives (including valerian), anti-depressants. Gender role fully recovers at the end of the course of treatment.

• A bad diet. A large consumed amount of fatty, salty, smoked dishes — here's the reason for the reduced libido and sexual dysfunction.

• Infectious the defeat of the body. Directly affects the power, because the body is "busy" for the most serious matters.

• Injuries in the groin area. In this case, this is a true impotence caused by injury to the testicles or the penis.

• Other endocrine cause. The authors of the sexual dysfunction can become a tumor seal area (pituitary gland). In this case, can not do without the therapy of replacement.

• Diseases of the brain and the spinal cord. Tumor, intracerebral hematoma giving rise to the violation of the innervation of the genital organs. It can also be epilepsy, atherosclerosis. It is more frequent in patients of advanced age.

• Psychological causes. The insecurity in itself, the refusal of the sexual experience in the past, this is what can be the psychological cause of impotence. The treatment in this case psychotherapy, with the help of cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Reasons there are many. In most cases effective for the complex of specific exercises.

The complex of exercises for men to the power

Describes the exercises are recommended for all men, even the elderly. The basis of the mechanism of the positive impact of the exercises is the increase in the hormone testosterone, the concentration of which, for some reason, it has decreased. It also describes the exercises contribute to the improvement of the blood circulation in the genital area.

The complex no. 1

1) get Up gently. The two feet firmly closed in the soles. Now you should highly raise the leg, the maximum bending the knee. Member of lift as high as possible, wanting to draw the knee up to the chest. The leg down, making a step. Then do the same with the other lower limb. In the "output" has to be an imitation of drill step.

2) stand. The legs of the shoulders. A deep inhalation. In "most" slightly bend the knees, squatting. When it should be squat should be the feeling of tension in the buttocks. Then, in the account "two" to rise in full growth and relax the buttocks. Repeat this several times.

3) it should be performed at all known the discipline of running in the place". The technology of execution is different. It is necessary to highly lifting knees, eager to get the chest (as in exercise # 1).

4) Lie on the floor. It is desirable to lie there on the cold floor, best of all, for the spreading of the mat. Bend the legs at the knees, sole of densely are on the ground. Hand pull "at the seams", also glued to the floor. Previously under the kidneys, it is recommended to place a small pillow or the roller of the blanket. Now in the account of "one" to lift the pelvis. The hands and feet remain immobile. Delay the pelvis in a position of 10 to 12 seconds. The next step is to return to the original lying position. It is important to do the exercise slowly, carefully responsible for each movement.

5) Lie down on the ground. Legs extended, hands along a trunk. Now you must lean back with the hands and socks for feet on the floor and raise the back, along with the pelvis as high as possible. This is what is known as an exercise of "berezka".

(6) to Adopt the same position. To perform as described in the exercise you will need a spherical object. Ideal for regular the ball of medium size. The main difference of the sixth year of the fourth — involving more than one muscle group. A spherical object placed between the knees and with crushing force. Now you have to lift the pelvis while squeezing the ball with maximum force.

7) Adopt a horizontal position. The legs bent at the knees, the hands-free are located along the housing. The essence of this exercise consists in the tension of the muscles of the perineum. To understand how to do this, it is necessary to remember the feeling of when a man suppresses the need to urinate. Repeat the exercise should be 25 times.


8) Adopt a horizontal position. Bend the legs at the knees. The hand closed in on the castle and reach behind the head. Now lift your legs, leave it bent. Perform the exercise "bicycle",

9) to Sit in the high chair. The body relaxes, the smooth back. Complete the exercise # 5 of this same complex. The buttocks should not be involved.

It is the main therapeutic complex which improves the nutrition of the organs of the pelvis and the genitals.

Set of exercises # 2

These exercises require a good physical preparation. The recommended to those whose health allows you to participate more intensely.

1) Take the horizontal position. Legs extended, hands-free are located along the trunk. In the account "one" to lift both legs as high as possible, trying to take your head. Of course, without proper preparation to take on new extremities so far is not going to work. It is important to aspire to this.

2) go Back to the lying position, this time in the stomach. Hand bend your elbows and place it in the area of the armpits. In the account "one" to lift the neck, the trunk, the urge to see what lies ahead of you. The next step is to stay in that position in 12 seconds, and then relax and return to the original pose.

3) you must perform the same exercise, but at a faster pace, without a static component.

4) get Up gently. The legs of the shoulders. On the inhalation, it must reach down to the feet and take the knees in the inner side of the hands. After this, the belly drag and stretch the glutes and the muscles of the perineum. Stay in the position for a few seconds. Then relax and return the body to its original position.

5) Sit on a chair or stool. Address the back of the chair or the leg of the stool. Now you must make 10 circular movements of the pelvis, keeping the back flat. The hands should be densely arch support of the feet. After repeating the exercise by the rotation of the pelvis on the other side.

6) get Up gently. In the account "one" to begin to make circular movements of the pelvis to the left and to the right.

These two complexes of exercises for men for the power in the majority of cases it is sufficient to restore the sexual power.

Myths about exercises for men to the power

About physiotherapy exercises for men there are a lot of myths and legends. Let's look at some of them.

Myth 1. When the impotence is sufficient to limit it to special physical education. That is not true. Of course, we will describe the exercises help to improve blood circulation in the pelvic area, as well as increase testosterone levels, however, are not the panacea. To achieve a therapeutic effect, requires a comprehensive approach, including the taking of medication.

Myth 2. Exercises for men for the power to help any form of erectile dysfunction. It is also misleading. There is impotence psychological, where the person on the level of "instinct" can not maintain an erection. Here to help psychotherapy in combination with medications. The gym is for the treatment of impotence. In addition, there are medications for impotence, when normal erection "resist" drugs. What is the state of the dispose of the medication.

Myth 3. Erectile dysfunction will be, if you take care of exercises as you can intense. Also it would be good to go in the "rocking chair" and train the muscles to exhaustion. Several exaggerated, but a lot of people, and judge. However, this is also a myth. Excessive loads cause directly will have the opposite effect, reducing the concentration of testosterone in the blood. Without the normal levels of this hormone on the good erection you can forget it.

Myth 4. Enough and a day for the exercise to take effect. The lie. The therapeutic effect is manifested immediately, and after 2-5 days from the date of commencement of the classes.

Myth 5. It is not possible with the help of exercises to get rid of impotence. There is more than confusion. Exercises for men for the power they are designed to help deal with the problem. As has already been said, that is not the main, but only a tool designed for the treatment and prevention of erectile dysfunction.

As to properly perform the exercises for men for the power

Improves the efficiency of the exercise of the proper execution. To do this, just follow simple recommendations.

1) it is Important to practice regularly, every day.

2) the Number of approaches during the day, 2-4. Less inefficient, more harmful, as it held the opposite effect.

3) the Intensity of the loads is not necessary to increase. Of course, in the framework of the "evaluation" of the physical load it is necessary to start with a minimum number of times. In the future, the load is increased until acceptable to the particular men's level.

4) Perform all the necessary exercise smoothly, without jerks. As well, the effect will be greater, and the risk of damage to a minimum.

5) it is Necessary to monitor carefully the own well-being. If there is an excess of fatigue, and, without more, the pain is due to review the number of executed time.

6) Before you start the exercises, it is recommended to consult with a specialist, to inform him of the complex that the man is going to perform. It is possible that the list of exercises you have to review. It all depends on the nature of the problem.

7) once A week is recommended to break the patterns of exercises for men to the power. Thanks to this, the agency gets as it should recover.

the increase of the power

Special complex treatment of gymnastics, without a doubt, they are effective. Well take them out. It is important to take into account that help is not always, and use the physical exercise may only as a means of support.